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What a couple needs to know when applying for a partners visa in Australia.

If you have a partner and are planning to travel to Australia to change your lives, study, work or do what you are most passionate about, this is the perfect visa for you. And if you wonder what documents do you need for an Australian Partner visa? Below we will let you know how to request it.

Terms of the Partner visa 

You can apply to the Australian partner visa with your boyfriend or girlfriend so that you can build a future together and best of all, legally! Unbelievable right?

However, it is important to bear in mind that the conditions for both are not equal because the person applying as principal will be able to work full-time on holiday, but provided that he or she has enrolled in a course, and on the contrary, the dependent may only work part-time even if he or she is on vacation or doing some course.

Therefore, please note that only International students who have applied for a student visa and persons who have applied for a work visa or sponsor may apply for this visa.

Australia Partner Visa Requirements

Once you have applied to a student or sponsor visa to apply for a partner visa, you need to demonstrate your relationship with your partner or that you are a formal couple.

For this purpose, it is not necessary to be registered as a couple or be married, as you can also prove your bond with documents certifying some common goods, a bank account registered in the name of both or some rental agreement, where it is reflected that you have lived together for more than 12 months.

See? Even if the process seems a bit complicated, the requirements are very simple to fulfil.

What should I consider avoiding when applying for a Partner Visa in Australia?

To apply for a partner visa, it is important to know that the Work And Holiday Visa is not eligible to include your partner because it is a visa that only allows you to know the country, work but under no circumstances include your companion.

Similarly, as the tourist visa is a visa to travel in a short period (maximum 3 months), it is illegal to work or apply for a partner visa.

Costs and documents for applying for a partner visa in Australia

The cost to apply for this visa is approximately $620 AUD for the main applicant and  $460 AUD for the dependent or partner.

Finally, remember that in the documents you present as evidence, at least one must certify or justify that you have been together for a period greater than 12 months.

Learn about these and more details in our free webinar where Nicolás Miranda, one of our Registered Migration Agents, will explain the most important points and requirements of the different types of partner visa applications.

Good luck, and we hope you have a great trip with your partner!

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