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What you need to know about Australian citizenship processing times.

For everyone who wants to know how long an apply for citizenship in Australia takes, we recommend that you continue reading this article and take note of what the Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department requires.

Wanting to be part of the Australian community is an act of will, but also ongoing responsibility and commitment to Australia. Their shared values must be borne in mind as an Australian citizen. With this citizenship, you can have different benefits and privileges with huge rewards.

Australian Citizenship Times and Criteria

The time it takes each application for citizenship in Australia depends on each case and circumstances, since the process is not the same for each person and the most common ways to apply are transfer and descent.

To apply to this application, you are required to be a permanent resident and meet certain Australian Government criteria. The deadlines of this application may vary depending on the circumstances of each person.

Applications are usually worked in the order that they are receiving them. However, this does not ensure that the process is completed in the same order, since everything depends on the circumstances and documentation of each case.

It is best to complete the online application and submit all listed documents so that the process can be streamlined and finalised as soon as possible.

Below, we will let you know the different ways that exist to apply for Australian citizenship.

Australian citizen by transfer

Becoming an Australian citizen by transfer is one of the most common ways, provided that the requirements requested by the Australian Government are met.

Permanent Residents or Citizens of New Zealand

For this application, you must be a permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen, be in Australia when you are going to make the application and when you receive the answer, know the country and finally have an interest in living in Australia or maintain such a bond when abroad.

Currently, this process costs AUD285; and has no cost for children 15 years or younger filing the application with a parent. However, it should be borne in mind that this information is for people under 59 years of age and may not include a dependent child aged 16 or 17.

The time starts counting from the time you file the request, but the process may take longer if: 

– You did not complete it correctly.

– You do not include all the documents needed or more information from you.

– It takes longer to verify your information.

People that are 60 years or older

The Australian Government considers how long people have lived in Australia but may also exempt this requirement in certain cases.

The eligibility criteria for this application are the same as for permanent residents or New Zealand citizens, but to meet the general residence requirement, you must have lived for the past 4 years on a valid visa, be a permanent resident or New Zealand citizen for the last 12 months and not have been out of Australia for more than 12 months in total in the last 4 years.

Keep in mind that the process has a cost of AUD180, AUD20 for some cases; no cost for children under 16 years old included in the parent application form. Other fee exemptions may also apply.

Australian citizen by descent

If you meet this description, you may be eligible as an Australian citizen by descent, because if you were born outside Australia and one (or both) of your parents were Australian citizens you may also apply.

Australian citizen father when born abroad 

To apply for Australian citizenship by descent, you must have lived outside Australia, ensure and prove that your parents were Australian citizens at the time of your birth, and be over 18 years of age when you present the request.

Please note that if you are already an Australian citizen and require proof, you can apply for it on the Australian Government page section: Evidence of Australian Citizenship. If you are 15 years or younger your parents must sign the application and a bridging visa could not be granted to apply.

This application costs AUD230; AUD95 for each sibling applying at the same time as you.

Once you know the application that suits you best, and you need to know more specifically how long it takes for an application for citizenship in Australia, we suggest you also take into account the circumstances that affect processing times, because some factors may delay the completion of your application, such as:

  • If you haven’t provided a complete request, including all supporting documents.
  • How quickly you respond to additional information or documents you request.
  • The time it takes to check the information you have provided.
  • The time it takes information from other agencies, usually for character and national security requirements.
  • For applications for citizenship by concession, where applicants must take the citizenship test, the ability to offer appointments and the citizenship test is currently subject to restrictions by COVID-19. It should be noted that customer service sites in the Victoria region remain closed at this time.
  • For requests for evidence and citizenship by offspring, the time it takes to send your citizenship document by mail.

If you want to know more details about each request, schedule your appointment right now, and we’ll advise you as soon as possible. It will surely help you to speed up your process!

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