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 If you’ve already decided to migrate to Australia, you’ll be interested in knowing what are the best paid jobs. When looking for new opportunities in another country it is important to know this type of information and more if your plans are to stay permanently. These are 10 highest-paid jobs in Australia. 

General Manager (Construction) 

These are the first to top the list of best paid professions. Within this guild, a general manager may be earning a salary of AUD $400,000 a year. 

Chief of Operations (Mining) 

Although the work can be hard, this work is rewarded with annual earnings of AUD $400,000.


 Surgeons get an income of more than AUD $390,000 annually. This profession has been among the top positions for years. Surgeons are the best paid people not only in Australia but all over the world.


The job of these medical professionals is to administer anesthesia to patients. Anesthesiologists in Australia earn an annual salary of about AUD $370,000. Income for these professionals may vary from region to region. 

Chief Financial Officer 

CFOs are in the same category as brokers. These professionals are employed by financial institutions to analyze market conditions, facilitate trade and direct the market in accordance with government regulations. They earn about AUD $350,000 annually.

Head of Technology or Director of Technology

A CTO must be answering the critical questions of a business, and contributing to the achievement of its goals. Your average annual base salary is AUD $320,000

Specialist in internal medicine 

The next highest paid in Australia are specialists in internal medicine. If you are employed in this profession, you can earn an annual salary of around AUD $300,000 or more. The work of specialists in internal medicine is based on the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of diseases. 

Director of Real Estate 

Development Within this industry, a professional can be winning a year between AUD $275,000 and AUD $280,000. 

General Manager or Sales Manager (Technology and Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical and Medical)

 If you work in one of these professions, you can have an average annual salary of AUD $260,000 and AUD $275,000. You can count on an average annual bonus: AUD$ 50,000 – AUD$ 150,000, depending on the industry.

Legal professionals, lawyers 

The average income of a legal professional in Australia is approximately AUD $190,000 per year. The salary will depend on the position you hold and the state you are in.

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