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Find out more about the criteria to apply for dual citizenship in Australia.

If Australia is one of your favourite countries, and you want to know how to get dual citizenship in Australia, this article is best suited for you to know how to do the process and find out if your native country allows you to do it.

Why does my nationality matter to obtain dual citizenship in Australia?

Your nationality is just as important as the process itself since in Australia you can have dual citizenship but only if your country of origin allows it.

Before making this request, we recommend that you inquire whether the country where you have a nationality provides the possibility to do so, because there are countries that do not recognise dual nationalities, such as Germany, Holland, Japan, India, Norway and Austria. But don’t worry, other countries do allow it like UK, Canada, USA, Spain, France, Italy, Ireland and Sweden.

To obtain double citizenship in Australia it is necessary to prove that you have lived for a certain time, have Australian ancestry or that you were born in Australia.

Once you have dual citizenship to enter and leave the country, you must use your Australian passport; however, you can also use another passport outside Australia.

Number of nationalities allowed in Australia

Australia allows triple nationality and even more, incredible right? Well, this country is so wonderful that if you meet the requirements you can do it. Of course, in the other countries, it must also be legal to do so.

The number of nationalities has no limit, the only thing that would not allow you to do so is that you are not a viable candidate or have difficulty applying to them.

Losing nationality is as easy as travelling. If you apply for another nationality and that country does not allow it, you would have to renounce your Australian nationality. On the other hand, it can also be annulled if you have been part of a terrorist organisation, sentenced to imprisonment for at least 6 years and have been at war against Australia.

Process for double citizenship in Australia

With Australian citizenship, you will have responsibilities and privileges. You will be making a continuous commitment to the country and its shared values. It will be a very important step for your immigration history and to be able to say ‘I’m Australian’.

To make the application for concession it is required to submit the required personal documents, an application form and payment for administrative expenses. Likewise, it is necessary to be living in Australia at the time of applying and obtaining approval.

Applications for specific cases for obtaining Australian citizens as citizenship by descent, by resumption and by adoption, do not require residing in the country at the time of the process.

If you want to be a nationalisation candidate, please note the following requirements:

  • Not having a criminal record.
  • Currently live in Australia.
  • Pass the citizenship exam or interview. 
  • Have at least one average level of English. 
  • Have been a permanent resident for the past year, have been a permanent resident for the past year or have lived legally in Australia for the last 4 years.

And what process would you apply to? Contact us and we will support you.

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