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Emigrating to Australia from Latin American countries 2021

Emigrating to Australia from Latin American countries is one of the main decisions made by those who wish to improve their quality of life. It should be noted that in Australia you can not only enjoy its beautiful landscapes and culture, but its economy, quality of life, aussie style, among other things are incredible.

In most Latin American countries the administration of the territory and its economic resources are scarce, that is the main reason why people from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, among other countries, decide to apply for a visa to emigrate to Australia from Latin America.

If you are a native of a Latin American country and you are thinking of emigrating to Australia from Argentina, Chile or Ecuador, this article is the right one for you.

How to migrate to Australia from Latin American countries in 2021?

To emigrate to Australia this 2021 it is important that you are updated on the subject of visas, prices and the current situation of the Aussie country.

What is the best way to settle in Australia?

Get a student visa

This is one of the easiest alternatives to execute, you can be 16 or 50 years old, this will not matter. If you plan to migrate to Australia from Latin America, the first thing you should do is to apply for a student visa. Tourists can only stay and study in the country for three consecutive months and do not have the opportunity to work.

By obtaining a student visa you will be able to take a course and work at the same time for 20 hours per week, but you should know that during the vacations you will have to work full time.

With this visa you will not have to comply with English level requirements, because you will go to study and learn. Remember that the positive side of this visa is that you will be able to work and study part time. If you do not speak English very well you can work as a barista, dishwasher or waiter.

Take out travel insurance

Regardless of how you migrate to Australia from any other country, it is important that you take out medical insurance, for students this is compulsory, but for other visas it is not. However, you should keep in mind that if you arrive in Australia and an emergency occurs, all expenses will be covered by you.

Research the different Australian cities

You may know a little about Australia, but it is important to clarify any doubts before immersing yourself in this wonderful experience. You should know that the Australian territory is very extensive and interesting, so study the characteristics of each city, this way you will be able to discover which one adapts more to your needs.

Taking several courses will work out cheaper in the long run

From the beginning you will be able to take multiple courses, only then it will be easy to extend your student visa. Remember that each time your visa expires you will have to pay the corresponding fees to renew it, so it is much simpler and cheaper to take several courses at once, than having to renew part time.

Study what you have always wanted

Take advantage of this opportunity, and if your plan is not to take an English course, then take courses in surfing, scuba diving, yoga, or any other activity that you like, this will help you to get a new profession.

You will need to do some translations

When migrating to Australia from Latin America you should translate all your important documents into Australian English such as your CV, letters of recommendation, or any document that you need to present to official bodies, this way you will save time and you will not have any inconvenience in the country.

Bring some Australian dollars in cash

It is not necessary to carry bags full of Australian dollars, but make sure you arrive in the country with some cash, although it is possible to change money at the airport, it is safest to travel with Australian dollars, in case you do not have time to make the change.

We recommend that you make the request to the bank well in advance, especially if the city where you live is small or far from the center.

Once you arrive in Australia, look for accommodation.

Maybe you think it doesn’t make much sense, but the best thing you can do when migrating to Australia from another country is to rent a room where you can rest comfortably while you look for your next home.

Requirements to live in Australia from Latin America

Financial solvency

When traveling to a country like Australia, you must have sufficient funds to survive for a reasonable period of time. The minimum amount with which you must enter the country is $ 5,000 AUD. It must not be in cash, you can take it in credit cards, among other vouchers that allow you to enter the land of the koalas.


The main requirement of Australia, apart from a valid passport, is a visa. There are more than 400 types of visas in this country, so you must choose very well which one suits your needs and objectives.

International medical insurance

Continuing with the list of requirements, this is not mandatory, but having an international medical insurance will get you out of trouble in case of emergency, because if you don’t have one you will have to pay all the expenses out of your pocket.

English level

Many people migrate to Australia from Latin American countries to learn English, however, if your objective is to settle in Australia you must obtain an English certificate from institutes such as TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge.

Emigrating to Australia from Argentina

If your desire is to emigrate to Australia from Argentina, you are not the only one, many young people are in constant search of a better future, where they can work, study and enjoy at the same time. In Australia the quality of life, education and security is unquestionable.

How to migrate from Argentina to Australia?

Surely you are wondering how to immigrate to Australia from Argentina in a legal way? We all know that this task is not easy, and that it requires determination and a calm mind in order to have clear ideas and follow the right steps to achieve the goal. It is important that at the moment of starting this process, the necessary information is gathered in order to make the process much faster.

Find out about the different types of visas, which one best suits your project, what are the requirements and what are the probabilities of obtaining one. After knowing all this you will be able to apply for the chosen visa. Remember that the tourist visa is only valid for a period of 3 months, so you will not be able to stay for too long in the country to opt for a permanent residence.

Work and study visa

Working Holiday: it is a visa that allows you to work in the country for 40 hours per week (it is possible to be hired by two or more people) for one year. You must be under 35 years of age, and it is possible to renew this visa twice more to continue working in Australia, but the condition is that the foreigner cannot work for more than 6 months for the same employer.

Sponsored Visa: it is a visa a little more difficult to obtain, however, many people decide to apply to immigrate to Australia from Argentina. This option must be applied for outside the Aussie territory, and upon arrival you will have to demonstrate your work experience and skills in the job.

Skilled Independent visa: this is a visa that works through scores, it is processed directly with the Australian Government and can only be applied for by people who perform work in demand in Australia. To apply for this visa you must also apply from abroad and once you arrive you will be able to demonstrate your experience. It is important to know that your level of English must be advanced.

Student Visa (subclass 500): thanks to this visa you will be able to take an English course, do university, specialized or general studies. If the purpose of your trip is not to learn the language, then you will need an IELTS test, where the score must be high to be able to immigrate to Australia from Argentina.

Skilled Nominated (subclass 190): it is a visa that allows you to live permanently in the country, and thanks to it in the near future you will be able to apply for citizenship. You must have a very good command of English, pass the skills test and the Australian Government must formally invite you to work in the country.

How to emigrate to Australia from Chile?

Traveling to Australia as a tourist is a totally different experience than emigrating, especially if you come from Latin America. In the Aussie territory you will find unique opportunities, and very different from those in Chile.

How to migrate from Chile to Australia?

Initially you can travel to Australia as a tourist and from the territory apply for a visa to emigrate in the future and obtain permanent residence, however, from Chile you can also consult the consulate or embassy and carry out the corresponding procedures.

It is important that when you present your documents to the Australian authorities they are translated into English, that is to say, your vocational tests, certificates and other documents must be in the Australian language.

Before starting with the application for the corresponding visa, it is important that you verify your passport, which must be valid for at least two years. Some documents such as birth certificate or criminal record must be certified in Chile, another recommendation is to renew your vaccinations, because the search for a new doctor abroad may become secondary.

Visa Requirements

Everything will depend on the visa you need, below, we will mention the most popular visas you need to immigrate to Australia from Chile.

Temporary Residency Visa
  • The passport must be valid for the period of residence in Australia.
  • You must have a residence permit.
  • The employer must write a letter with the applicant’s full name, the reasons for the visa application and the period that the person will stay in the country. This is the only way to process the visa.
  • 3 passport photos with white background.
  • Documentation that demonstrates your economic capacity.
  • Medical certificate, recent, that affirms the absence of infectious or contagious diseases.
  • Recent criminal record.

Work Visa

  • Valid passport for the period of residence in Australia.
  • Original contract, notarized and signed in Australia by the employer.
  • Letter addressed to the consul stating the applicant’s full name, the reason for the application, the employer’s details and the period requested.
  • Recent medical certificate.
  • Recent criminal record.
  • Three passport photos

Student Visa

  • Confirmation of admission to an Australian university.
  • Proof of time spent studying abroad.
  • Biometric passport photo and application form.
  • Certificate of recent good conduct.
  • Certificate of health.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to finance your studies in Australia.

A rule of the Australian Government is that after the student has been granted a visa, they will have 90 days to immigrate to Australia from the Latin American country.

Emigrating to Australia from Colombia

Todos aquellos que no tengan la nacionalidad australiana deben solicitar un visado que les permita entrar en el territorio de los canguros y los koalas. Antes de salir de Colombia debe elegir el tipo de visado que desea solicitar y verificar que cumple todos los requisitos para entrar en el país.

How to migrate from Colombia to Australia?

If you are planning to emigrate to Australia from Colombia, it is important to keep in mind that the cost of living is higher, so before traveling to Australia you must have sufficient financial resources to settle down comfortably.

Immigration policies are very demanding in Australia as there are only a few ways to enter the country. The first is a work permit, i.e., you must be qualified in a profession that is in demand in Australia; or a company may invite you to work in Australia.

Of course, it is essential that your passport and visa are valid, you must also carry with you other important documents such as, for example, your birth or marriage certificate translated, and if you wish, you can convert your Colombian driver’s license into an Australian one at the moment you arrive in the Oceania country.

General Visa Requirements
  • Australian visa application, signed by the applicant in two spaces.
  • White background photo.
  • Copy of all passport pages.
  • Travel itinerary and information on proposed activities in Australia.
  • Evidence of economic stability, where it assures a safe stay in Australia.
  • In case of being employed, a certificate of employment is required, indicating the position held, salary, confirmation of payment or not, duration of leave and stay.

Emigrating to Australia from Mexico

It is important that any Mexican who wishes to move to Australia knows very well the characteristics and everything that is needed to emigrate, from procedures to applications.

How to emigrate from Mexico to Australia?

It is important that before emigrating to Australia from Mexico you know all the migration policies. Remember that the Government of this country is very demanding and only admits professionals, of any nationality, who are very well prepared, eventually they will be able to opt for visas to stay in the territory.

Regardless of the application made by the Mexican citizen, the most important thing is to go in person to the Australian consulate or embassy in Mexico to apply for a visa. Australian visas are electronic, i.e. the applicant’s passport does not require tags.

  • The Mexican citizen must bring a visa approval letter to the consulate, and must hand it in when entering Australian territory.
  • If the applicant acquires a new passport, he/she must notify the consulate, since his/her electronic visa is connected to it.
  • Our recommendation is that you do not book any airline ticket or stay without the visa being granted.
  • At the time of visa application, the traveler must submit medical examinations which prove that he/she has medical insurance, which is able to cover all his/her needs during his/her stay in Australia.
  • Applicants 75 years of age or older must undergo a series of thorough medical examinations.
  • If you are a public official and will be making a visa application for the purpose of representing the government of another country, the application fee may be waived.
  • Your Mexican passport must be valid.
  • Those who decide to immigrate to Australia from Mexico for business purposes have the opportunity to make business or employment inquiries, enter into commercial contracts, participate in seminars, trade fairs and conferences.
  • It is important to recognize that with a tourist visa you cannot work, sell goods or services, perform, give presentations, or any activity that is remunerated with money.

Emigrating to Australia from Venezuela

To immigrate to Australia from Venezuela, it is necessary that the Australian Government provides you with a permanent work visa. This way you will be able to visit the land of kangaroos and koalas.

Oceania is home to magnificent, picturesque and truly incredible places, with endemic fauna and flora. There is no doubt that Australia is the country where everyone wants to live great adventures.

Emigrating to Australia on a permanent work visa

Australia has a Government, which promotes permanent residence visas, such as the Skilled visa, with this option you will be able to visit the country and work in the qualified and most needed occupations of all Australia.

If you have a suitable profile you will not have much problem to acquire this type of visa, which will help you to obtain the permanence in this great territory.

Considerations if your Skilled visa is approved

  • It will be possible to live, work and if you wish to study in Australia without restrictions.
  • You will live as an Australian citizen, that is to say, your costs with respect to education, health, and others will be the same as those of an Australian citizen.
  • If you have children of school age, they will be able to enroll in a free public school.
  • If your children are born in Australia, they will automatically be entitled to citizenship.
  • You will be able to sponsor your family members to migrate to Australia from Venezuela.
  • After your child is born the Government will offer you an allowance of $678 AUD.
  • After staying in the country for at least 4 years, you will be able to adopt the Australian nationality.

Who is eligible for this Visa?

  • To emigrate to Australia from Venezuela you only have to fulfill 4 simple requirements, which will help you to have a foot inside the Aussie country.
  • Your age should not be close to 45 years old.
  • You must have at least a score of 6 in the IELTS test, this will demonstrate that your level of English is fluent.
  • Your score on the migration program test must be at least 65 points.

Process to emigrate to Australia

You must take into account that the visa process can take up to 1 full year, also its price can vary according to the complexity of your situation, that is to say, the number of people included in the visa, among other things.

It is important to know that at the moment of applying for an Australian visa you must have available a minimum of 12,000 Australian dollars, it does not mean that you must pay immediately, but this is the approximate amount that must be paid in installments for the process to continue moving forward, and the results to be successful.

When the visa is approved, you only have 12 months to emigrate to Australia from Venezuela, this time is granted so that foreigners can gather a little more money, organize their papers better and be prepared for the final process of emigration. Remember that when you become a permanent resident or obtain a skilled work visa, you will have the opportunity to work full time, and your Australian civil rights are granted along with the visa.

Making your Australian Visa a reality

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