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What to consider when looking to rent a house in Australia

When you start a new life in Australia, you must have the place where you are going to live. So you need to find out how to rent a home in Australia. In this opportunity, we will explain everything you need to know to accomplish this goal.

Where can I start my search?

To start the search for your new home, you can log in to Domain or Realestate. These are the most used search engines in Australia for those who want to make a rental agreement on their own.

Usually, rental agreements can take between 6 and 12 months, depending on the options the agent gives you. For this procedure, you will be asked for some documents to carry out the signing of the contract.

You must consider the bond, which is a deposit you must give at the start. You will normally be asked for 2 weeks of bond plus 2 weeks of rent.

The first thing you need to do is register is one of the platforms already mentioned, create an account, define your budget and the type of property you are looking for. This is actually one of the most important things on how to rent a house in Australia.

Many offers will start to appear, so you will need to list the houses you like to visit.

Make visits

Visit the homes you are interested in to make sure they meet your expectations. If you have already decided on a place, you must provide all the documentation that the real estate agent will ask you so you will have more chances of being selected in the case that they are most interested.

Rental applications in Australia work through a point system.

For example, if you want to know how to rent an apartment in Australia, basically the more documents you contribute to your application, the more points you will add up and, therefore, the more likely to stay with the apartment.

What documents are necessary?

When you choose the house you liked, you will need to complete a rental request form, either through Renter Resume or the system that the real estate agent tells you.

The documents they usually request are the following:

  • Your ID: You will need to present your passport. They also accept your driver’s license, Medicare card, birth certificate, car registration, or health care card.
  • Professional and personal references. You should give the names and contact details of people who can give a positive recommendation.
  • Copies of rental receipts. In case you’ve had any rentals before in Australia.
  • Tenant ledger shows your ability to pay the rent regularly and on time. (This is only for those who have had previous rentals.)
  • Copies of accounts where services such as water and electricity have been charged. Applies to those who have had a previously rented house.
  • Bank statements and payment receipts to prove income. You can request a copy of your payroll from the company you work with or a Centrelink income statement.

In most cases, to rent a home, you will have to reach a minimum of 100 points. If you think you won’t be able to get this score, you can negotiate with the owner or real estate agent.

If you’ve had a problem with a rental, you’d better comment on it, as most agents have access to rental databases. They can check the properties you have rented and how the whole process was.


1. When you’re living in Australia(how to rent a home), it’s good to have as many Australian documents as you can. Because the documentation endorsed by any Australian authority is more important than the foreign one.

2. If you plan to live with your partner and you both work, it’s better to make the application in the name of both. This will show that there will be no inconvenience when it comes to paying on time.

3. If you visit a house you like, make the request as soon as possible. This type of request is processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. It’s much easier to get a lease if you don’t have pets and if you’re looking outside the city. In these places, there is less demand and it will also be cheaper.

5. When visiting the house you are interested in, ask if bills (electricity, gas and water) are included in the rental price and then confirm if what you have been told matches what is stipulated in the contract.

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