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Through the Job hub website, you can check current jobs in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic

Below are jobs you can apply to during the COVID-19 in Australia. During this time, the uncertainty can grow, and even more, if you don’t have a job as economic stability is important to be able to cope with this situation.

Among the aid provided by the Australian government are:

Jobs Hub:

They have recently launched a website called Jobs Hub, where you will find current jobs in all sectors. In this rapidly changing job market, they want to support companies and Australians looking for work during these times.

While many companies have been negatively affected by COVID-19 and are reducing their workforce, there are some areas of the economy that have a higher demand for workers.

Within these areas are health services, supermarkets, agriculture or care for the elderly and children. This is why the Australian government has allowed a new visa, so some foreign citizens will be able to work, in order to help the most critical sectors to face this pandemic.


  • Given the issue of COVID-19 in Australia, the rule that prevents W&H Visa holders from working for the same employees for more than 6 months has been eliminated, as long as they work in demanded sectors.
  • It is important that international students take into account that they have a special 40h weekly permit to be able to work (until May 1, 2020).
  • If you were fired and you have doubts as to whether or not you are due compensation, it’s best to contact Fair Work Ombudsman.

 Among the jobs with the highest demand during these times of the coronavirus are:

Aldi supermarkets

Aldi supermarkets are looking for workers in all their locations. You will find a series of positions to which you can apply according to your abilities. By entering here ( you will see the offers that are available.

Coles Supermarkets

These supermarkets are looking for 2,000 people in the state of Queensland and 5,000 across Australia to work with them. Among the offers with the highest demand are shelf stackers and entry-level customer service. You can register here:

Telstra Telecommunications

Telecommunications company Telstra is searching for more than 300 people in Queensland. If you are interested, go to their official page (, so that you can see the vacancies that are available.


BHP is looking for 1000 people within the state of Queensland and 1500 for the rest of Australia. Among the positions with the highest demand are machinery and production operators, truck and ancillary equipment drivers, excavator operators, diesel mechanics boilermakers, trades assistants, electricians, and cleaners and warehousing roles.

Find out other vacancies available. (

Within the public sector these are the most demanded jobs:

The Australian government has reported what jobs are available in these sectors:

Services Australia

Services Australia has announced a series of openings, so they hope to recruit around 5,000 people.

Check out the job offers here.

Queensland Health

Due to the coronavirus situation, personnel are being recruited to support the response to COVID-19: Medical, nursing and midwifery, allied health, administrative support, operational and dental.

See more information here.

 Queensland Government

The Australian Government has published more than 1,200 job vacancies on its official LinkedIn profile.

Federal Health

The Federal Health Department is seeking specialized personnel in Public health, epidemiology, data analysis, laboratories, emergency management, and communications and media. You can apply by entering here.

You just read: “Jobs you can apply for during the times of COVID-19 in Australia”, it is important that you be attentive to our communication channels so that you are aware of the updates that are presented in the face of this situation, rest assured that Visado will be there to help you.

Source: Australian Government Department of Home Affairs (2020). Australia Recovered from:

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