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In relation to the situation that we’re currently experiencing worldwide, the Australian government has taken certain measures regarding the issuance of visas, so if you are in Australia or your intention is to return, it is important that you take into account this news to see if they relate to your case. Below, learn about the news regarding the issuance of Australian visas:

You are outside the country and you are not a resident:

The department is currently accepting applications for non-residents who are out of the country and have a reason to return. The return ratings remain the same but specifically include the Compelling and Compassionate category. It is important that you meet these requirements:

  • Being an Australian citizen and wanting to travel to Australia.
  • Being a permanent resident of Australia and want to travel to Australia.
  • Being a citizen of New Zealand, generally resident in Australia and want to travel to Australia.
  • Being an immediate family member (spouse, dependent child, or legal guardian) of an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Having a compelling or compassionate request to travel to Australia now.

If you want to apply for a temporary visa, there are limited circumstances, which could be considered as compassionate or convincing. Among the cases in which the guarantee is given are:

If you must care for a close family member (s) who are seriously ill or if you must attend the funeral of a close relative.

Keep in mind that buying an air ticket does not count as evidence for these types of circumstances.

If any visa holder has this condition, the Department is accepting exemptions due to current circumstances, as this would generally apply to holders of visitor visas since students normally do not have this condition.

Remove a condition 8503 `No Further Stay´

You can request an exemption if there is a significant change in your situation while you have this visa. This change must be out of your control, in this case, the situation generated by the coronavirus.

Other examples of major changes that meet this criterion are:

Unable to travel due to medical reasons, death or serious illness within the close family, natural disaster in the home country, war or civil unrest in the home country, or because the school cannot provide a course for that you were approved.

Some changes that are important but are not considered reasons for the exemption:

Marriage or start a relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident, if you failed your course or if you are pregnant (unless your doctor told you not to travel).

You can make a waiver request by completing the Waiver Request Form 1447 ‘No More Stay’ or by written request. An exemption is not automatic, as it takes around 28 days. If they ask for more information or a medical examination it may take longer.

Condition 8558:

Non-residents cannot stay more than 12 months in an 18-month period, which is why we advise you that if you have this condition, you must apply for a new visa so that you can stay in Australia.

If your visa has expired, you must apply for the Bridging E (BVE) visa immediately to be legal.

Compliance with visa conditions

Visa (485) (Australian Study Requirements):

If the graduation requirement or periods of stay cannot be completed under the regional initiatives for temporary postgraduate visa holders, the department will conduct a case-by-case search for concessions.

You will have an additional time to carry out any process that has been pending in some office (health or police authorizations, biometrics, tests of the English language), and thus provide the required information.

If you cannot return to Australia before your visa expires and you want to return, you will need to apply for a new one once the travel restrictions are removed.


Each person will receive a written statement if their visa has been cancelled due to temporary travel restrictions.

In the same document, they will inform you how to request the revocation of the cancellation of the visa.

You just finished reading learn about the news regarding the issuance of Australian visas. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our immigration agents will be there to help you. In Visado you will find out about each of the announcements made by the Australian government.

Source: Australian Government Department of Home Affair (2020). Australia Recovered from:

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