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Living, studying and working in Australia can be a unique experience and even more, if you are prepared for it. So, it is important that you research the cost of living in Australia, its culture and all its social aspects.

If we talk about the average cost of living in Australia, this may vary according to the city where you are. It will be much cheaper to live in small cities or towns than in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

Below, we will show you the main expenses for accommodation, food and transportation, which can serve as a guide:


Accommodation in Australia
  • Hostels and pensions have an estimated cost per week between $ 90AUD-150 AUD
  • Shared rental has an estimated cost per week between $85 AUD-215 AUD
  • On-campus, it has an estimated cost per week between $90AUD-280 AUD
  • Homestay has an estimated cost per week between $235 AUD-325 AUD
  • Rent has an estimated cost per week between $165 AUD-440 AUD

When you intend to stay long-term, it is better that you look for an apartment or make a long-term contract in the accommodation you choose to live.


Food in Australia

Market purchases can be made in supermarkets such as Coles, Aldi, Woolworths, etc. These expenses are per person and can be between $60 AUD and $100 AUD per week. Everything will depend on the type of food you buy such as meat, fruits, vegetables, drinks, among others.

If you also consider eating outside your home during the week, the cost will increase to $280 AUD. You will need to consider these values to calculate the monthly cost of living in Australia.


cost of services in Australia

Among the services you consume are:

• Gas, electricity: You must pay per week between $35 AUD- $140 AUD

• Telephone and internet: You must pay per week between $20 AUD- $55 AUD


cost of transport in Australia

This depends on where you are going to live and where you work. It’s common that in large cities like Sydney and Melbourne is easier to get around by public transport since all lines have access to all points of the city.

In the case of smaller cities, a car of your own may be more convenient.

• Public Transport: In cities like Sydney and Melbourne, the monthly train ticket is approximately $150 AUD and the daily train pass in the city of Melbourne, for example, costs $8 AUD.

• Auto: After buying the car regarding gasoline and maintenance on average it would be $150 AUD – $260 AUD per week.

You just read: “The average cost of living in Australia”. We hope this information has been useful for you to find out what could be the average cost of living in Australia per month.

Leave us a comment or send us a message in case you want to know more about the cost of living in Australia.

For example, compared to other countries: Cost of living in Australia vs. UK, the cost of living in Australia vs. USA, the cost of living in Australia vs. Canada, etc.

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