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If you are planning to drive in Australia when you fulfil your dream of living in this amazing country, these tips will help you when you are in front of the wheel. Driving in Australia has a great particularity, as the vehicles have the steering wheel on the right, so you drive on the left.

That’s why, if you’ve never done it, it’s best to take these tips into account, so you’ll have safe trips.

driving in australia
The first time, go to a place you know

When driving in Australia for the first time on the left, do it on a road you already know. That way, you won’t be thinking about your GPS or the traffic signals that may appear, you’ll just focus on driving on the left.

Learn how to shift your car

Now the gear lever will be left to the left, so you’ll have to learn how to make these moves with your left hand unless your car is automatic, this would make things easier for you.

Drive in places with low traffic

Avoid traffic as this can be a stressful situation at first. So, start driving in secluded areas until you gain confidence.

Keep an eye on the roundabouts

Whenever you stop, think that cars come on the right.

Join the motorway 

When you enter perpendicular to a road, you will have to look to the right and not to the left. Now the fastest lane will be on the right.

Don’t overtake other cars at first

At first avoid overtaking the other cars, do it once you have the security of driving on the left. You can look closely at the road lines, sometimes they can be very worn out.

Check road conditions at different times of the year

In Australia, there are many dirt roads. For example, in northern Queensland, flooding can occur easily. That’s why, when planning a trip, keep in mind the conditions, the time of year and the type of road, because some of them can become impassable at times.

Driver Alert: Animals on the road!

On the secondary roads and sometimes on the main roads, you can cross all kinds of animals. That’s why you must be very careful, for your safety and theirs.

Download the maps

Don’t trust the internet connection. Better, download the maps of the destinations you’re going to visit, have it as a plan B.

Check the gas 

On the main roads, you’ll find gas stations without problems, but there are places where you won’t see them. That’s why you can download an application that shows you where the next gas station is and what its price is. This way you can save a lot of money.

If you’re going to go in remote areas, always carry a bottle of gas.

Driving requirements and rules in Australia

driving in australia

It is important to keep the following rules in mind when driving in Australia:

  • The speed limit on motorways is usually 110 km/h, in inhabited areas of 50 km/h.
  • You have to pay a toll electronically: Note that on these motorways there are no toll booths so you have to pay online or by phone three days after passing the road. When you pass the highway, you’ll see signs telling you what phone number you need to call.
  • Children under 7 years of age must bring their appropriate chair or device.
  • All seat belts are mandatory.
  • The maximum blood alcohol level is 0.05%, zero if you are a novice. This means you can hardly drink anything if you’re driving.
  • You can’t use your mobile phone when you’re driving.

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