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What are the types of Visa for Australia that you can apply for?

If you plan to visit Australia or improve your professional career in this amazing country, this is your best opportunity to learn about the process of obtaining your Australian Visa based on your travel reason.

Keep in mind that you can now apply for your visa online and find out what type of visa you need.

The Australian visa is a primary document issued by the Australian Government so you can live in Australia, however, applying for it requires all your information and the reason for your trip.

So it is important to know the type of Visa you need for your travel, as there are different visas for different people, such as:

  • Tourist Visa Australia
  • Work Visa
  • Student Visa Australia
  • Work and Holiday Visa
  • Graduate Visa
  • Sponsored Visa
  • Skilled Visa

Which is the best Australian visa option?

It actually depends on what you want to do and if you meet the requirements. Once you have this information and the reason for your trip, it will be easier for you to apply for a visa and get your approval.

If you want to continue growing professionally and studying in Australia, we recommend a student visa, which allows you to work 20 hours a week while studying part-time.

To travel or visit different places in Australia it is advisable to have a tourist visa, this visa allows you to stay in the country for a maximum of 12 weeks.

If you need to have more job opportunities and work in this great country, it is advisable to apply for a Work and Holiday Visa, as it allows you to work full time and even travel on your holiday.

Qualified professionals also have the opportunity to obtain a Skilled Visa, with the benefit of a long stay if they have a profession in Australia.

Graduate Visa is for international students with some work experience related to the Skilled List, as they have the opportunity to grow professionally with required studies and thus be able to develop a specific job.

When an Australian company specifically hires a foreign worker, the appropriate visa is the Sponsored Visa, as it allows staying and performing the requested work.

How to get an Australian visa?

Considering your objectives, it is important to know which visa suits you best, as applying for an Australian Visa is not as easy as it seems, it requires advice and knowledge on visa types.

In order for it to be approved, it is necessary to review the best option and the one that best suits your reason for travel. Therefore, here we give you the most recognised options depending on the type of visa.

  • Student Visa:
    A Subclass 500 Student visa has several benefits, and it is the best option if you plan to study and if you meet all the requirements.
  • Tourist Visa:
    There are two types of visas for tourists, Visitor Visa subclass 600 and subclass 651. Applying for one of these depends on your nationality.
  • Work and Holiday Visa:
    Work and Holiday Visa subclass 462 and Working Holiday Visa subclass 417 are available to work in Australia.

    The Visa subclass 462 allows you to work without limit of hours and stay for a year with the option to extend it.

    The subclass 417 is practically the same, but with a different request process. It can be approved or rejected within 5 days, you can apply at any date of the year and you have unlimited places to live in Australia.
  • Skilled Visa:
    This visa allows you to work in Australia for about 2 to 4 years depending on the profession you have. If you are a professional with a work experience of more than 2 years, you are an eligible candidate and even more if your degree is one of the most demanded careers in Australia.
  • Graduate Visa:
    If you want to extend your stay in Australia and work long days practising your profession, Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485 is the most appropriate visa, as you have the option to apply for a Graduate Work Stream or a Post-Study Work Stream depending on the title you have obtained.

So that you can have more personalised and detailed advice on each type of visa, you can now count on our support in every migration process you require.

Remember that at Visado you will be sure to travel peacefully and start your dream in Australia. If you want to know more about each visa to start your migration process, contact us here or through our social media accounts.

It’s time to change your life and fulfil your dreams!

Making your Australian Visa a reality

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