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How to validate my degree in australia for a skilled visa application

When you want to live and work in Australia, it is essential to validate your degree so you can apply to a Skilled Visa.

These are among the basic requirements to apply for a Skilled Visa (subclass 189, 190, 491):

  • Having an occupation/profession that is on the list of occupations with the highest demand in Australia (see the list here).
  • Achieving a Skills Assessment or Occupancy Validation Process with a positive result.

It is important to highlight that the requirements are different for each industry, as these are determined by each of the relevant authorities. Here is an example of information they usually request:

  • Duration of your studies
  • Status of your university in the world ranking
  • Academic program of your university year
  • Detailed description of the content of the subjects
  • Spanish score system compared to Australian

On the other hand, depending also on where you are (outside or inside Australia), you may be asked to do a personal interview or take an exam.

Similarly, the first step will be to find the responsible authority to approve your degree in Australia (Migration Skills Assessment).

In the following link you will find the complete list of the Australian entities responsible for validating the different professional qualifications:

To give you an idea, below, we will show you some requirements that you must meet according to the most common professions that are validated in Australia.


to validate your degree

Authority: Engineers Australia

  • You must write three essays about your academic or professional career, these should be approximately 2,000 words each. In them you will have to highlight your experience and knowledge in engineering, and of course, you should be the author.
  • Having a very good level of English will be decisive. A minimum score of 6 is required on all IELTS bands, 50 if you take the PTE or its equivalent if you take the TOEFL Test.
  • You will need to submit your work and academic certifications.


 to validate your degree

Authority: Australian Medical Council (AMC)

  • You will need to submit your medical degree, sworn translation, proof of your English level (minimum 7 at IELTS), academic record, etc. If you accept your application,
  • you will need to take two exams: Theoretical, which has a cost of $2,350 AUD and practical of $3,120 AUD approximately.
  • Have 12 months of supervised practice. These practices should be performed by specialist doctors.


 to validate your degree

Authority: Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

  • Have a good level of English. You’ll have to get 7 in all the bands of the IELTS Test.
  • You will need to complete a course and an exam, to demonstrate the skills that nursing professionals should have in Australia.


 to validate your degree

Authority: CPA Australia

  • CPA will evaluate the subjects you took in your university career in order to determine which ones you need so that you can take them in Australia.
  • You can also take a validation test with which they can measure your accounting knowledge in Australia.
  • Have a good level of English. You’ll have to get 65 in all PTE bands or 7 in all IELTS Academic bands.


 to validate your degree

Authority: Trades Recognition Australia (TRA)

  • Have one year of demonstrable experience. If you studied in your home country, you must have three years of experience.
  • If you did not study gastronomy, you should complement it with a lot of work experience.

Marketing and Customer Service Professionals

 to validate your degree

Authority: VETASSESS

  • Have at least 1 year of demonstrable experience anywhere in the world, in the last 5 years (after finishing your professional career).
  • Demonstrate your experience with letters of recommendation, job certificates that prove your responsibilities, payment certificates, bank statements, pension funds, invoices, better said anything that proves your experience.

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You just read: “What is the Australian authority to validate your degree?” To receive our advice on your migration process, you can contact us through our communication channels. Rest assured that at Visado we will be ready to help you fulfil your dream of living in Australia.

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