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What to keep in mind before migrating to Australia

Migrating to Australia is a very important decision, as the whole course of your life will change completely. In this new stage you will have to start with your right foot, so here are some tips on how to migrate to Australia that will be very useful for you to start your adventure.

Choose the right type of visa

Find out more about the visa options available to travel to Australia, this will depend on your profile and interests in Australia.

In Visado you will be able to complete the eligibility test completely free so that you get an idea of the score you have and see the type of visa to which you can apply.

If you decide to start your migration process with us, our Registered Migration Agents will show you the best way to fulfill your dreams in Australia.

Study what you’ve always wanted

If you want to improve your level of English, you can sign up for a course, as Australia is the country of choice for foreigners to learn English. If you already have some level of English, you can also take courses that have to do with your interests or profession (photography, design, marketing, yoga, surfing, diving, etc.)

Choose the perfect city to live

Investigate all Australian cities, each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Analyse the characteristics of all of them so you can find out which is best suited to you and your intentions.

Travel in winter

Getting to Australia during the winter in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane is a unique experience, with fewer tourists, fewer Spanish speakers and more job offers. In addition, when summer starts, you’ll be ready to enjoy your holiday.

Check that your Passport and ID card are valid for more than one year

It is very important that before you start your immigration process to obtain your Australian visa, check that these two documents are not due to expire soon.

Start the paperwork 4 months in advanced

Start your process four months before the date you want to travel to Australia, so you can prepare your trip without stress and get your airline tickets much cheaper.

Prepare your resume

To work in Australia it is important that you have a 100% Australian resume. Plan to write it and print a few copies before the trip, so when you arrive you can start distributing it and you’ll have a better chance of finding a job faster.

Search for accommodation when you’re already in Australia

During your first week in Australia, stay in a place where you can search for a room or house of your taste. Please note that people here change a lot of houses and rooms are usually rented in a short time.

Get some Australian Dollars

At least two weeks before your flight to Australia, ask your bank for the amount of Australian dollars you wish to take. If you need to transfer money directly to an Australian account, you can do so through TransferWise or NexPay.

Don’t carry too much cash

For your trip, you can only bring up to A$10,000 unreported (if you bring AUD 10,001 you must declare it). Once you have an Australian bank account, you can make a transfer with more money.

You just read: “Tips to consider when migrating to Australia.” Now that you have a better idea of how to migrate to Australia, you can schedule your advice for your migration process. If you want to know how much does it cost to migrate to Australia, contact us through our communication channels. Rest assured that in Visado we will be ready to help you fulfill your dream of living in Australia.

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