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Migration processes can be confusing, time consuming, and without the right guidance, the chances of getting the result you want may not be the best. That is why in Visado our main objective is to make things easier for you and help you succeed with your visa application.

Avoid wasting your time making mistakes, choose Visado and start your immigration process with ease and confidence. We have a team of Registered Migration Agents with extensive experience.

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Initial Appointment:

In this first advice, we will know your profile, skills and, in general, relevant information to have a complete knowledge of your case and thus, define the best option for you, based on your objectives.

Document checklist:

Once we know the pathway forward, we will advise you on the documents we will need to have everything ready for the next step.

Visa application:

After collecting all the documents, we will prepare your visa application and apply it. This can be one of the most difficult parts of the process, but don’t worry, we will do all the hard work, so you can rest assured knowing that you are in the best hands.

Final Decision:

Depending on the type of visa or application, it will take time for the Department of Home Affairs to communicate the final decision, so that you can continue living your Australian dream.

Meet Nicolas Miranda,

Our Leader of Registered Migration Agents

Nicolas has worked in the Australian Migration Industry for over 12 years. He began working for the Department of Immigration in Australia in 2008, within areas related to compliance, student visas, partner as well as overseas processing visas. In 2016, Nicolas registered as a Migration Agent in Australia and has worked for various small and large migration firms. He has experience across various visas and industries and is always keen to help his clients in their own process.

If they did it, you can too!

  • In 2016 Laura and Adam met in Colombia, since Adam lived there. Laura traveled around South America for a year, so they kept a distance relationship.

    Laura returned to Colombia to spend the summer with Adam, during which time they enjoyed traveling to different parts of Colombia, and so they decided to establish a relationship. In 2018 Adam was able to travel to Australia to visit Laura; during that time he moved in with her and after 3 months they went to travel to Indonesia for a few weeks to renew Adam’s visa.

    Arriving in Australia, they spoke with a migration agent who informed them that they had already established their relationship in immigration terms and with some other documents, they could apply for a Partner visa under class 820/801, so they applied it in late 2018. This allowed Adam to stay in Australia with Laura during the time the visa was being processed. At the end of 2019 they obtained the 820 visa and within one more year they expect to receive the 801 visa, which is permanent.

    Laura & Adam
    Partner Visa
  • Juan Pablo had arrived in Australia in 2017, started studying full time and in two years earned a master’s degree in business administration.

    During this time, he improved his English and also started working for a small business helping with inventory management. Then he started working for them in their sales department and there he enjoyed his time.

    In December 2019 he completed his studies, he was able to apply for his graduate visa because he had studied for more than 2 years in Australia fulfilling the Australian study requirements.

    His studies ensured that he will take the path of Post-Study Graduate Visa. Well, he made sure to perfect his English and meet all other requirements. He was able to take the next step on his visa path.

    When he obtained his visa, his employer let him know that they were now considering sponsoring him as a marketing specialist. This news had him quite excited.

    Juan Pablo
    Graduate Visa
  • Sam, the manager of a cafe, had been working for his employer for a year while on a student visa. He also had several years in his home country as a coffee manager.
    When it came time to be sponsored, his employer tried to hire nationally, but was unsuccessful.
    So Sam was given the opportunity, he met the requirements as he had the qualifications and work experience required for the position. He was granted a 2-year visa, extendable for another 2 years.

    Temporary Skill Short Stay Visa

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