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Australian visa consulting service

Visa Consulting Service

$300 AUD

In Visado, we’ll be with you on each step of your immigration process until the final decision of your application, so that you can be sure that you are in the best hands. Our main objective is to make things easier for you and help you succeed with your visa application.

This payment includes the initial advice with one of our Registered Migration Agents, so you can tell us all the relevant information about your case, and we can analyse it to define the best pathway for your application. The best of all, if you decide to start your immigration process, the advice fee will be part of the payment for the total cost of the process.

You can rest assured knowing that you have made the best decision. Schedule your advice with one of our Registered Immigration Agents.

Consider the following steps:

Select your payment method and make the payment of your advice.

You will receive an email with instructions, so you can share with us the main information about your case. That way, we can review it prior to the appointment and make the most of the time available.

Once you share that information, one of our advisers will contact you to schedule your appointment with the Registered Migration Agent.

You will meet with your Migration Agent in the agreed date and time, to determine the best way forward.