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The Australian healthcare system
The Australian healthcare system is one of the best in the world as it provides safe and quality healthcare. Medicare is the national health insurance, which allows you to access a wide variety of medical services for free or at a low cost, so it also allows you to receive prescriptions for low-cost medications and free care in a public hospital. Who is Eligible? You must live in Australia to...
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my immigration agent is registered?
If you are thinking of migrating to Australia, it is important that before beginning any immigration process, you carry out a search for the agent that will take your case and, of course, their registration number with the Government. The Migration legislation of 1958 states that any individual, who is not registered as a Migration Agent in Australia, will not be able to offer migration services as it is against...
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advantages of migrating to Australia
Australia is considered one of the greatest countries to live, study and work, as it offers an excellent quality of life for those who decide to migrate. It’s a booming society with a solid economy and a calm and safe environment with low crime rates. These are the advantages of migrating to Australia. Health Service Australian citizens and permanent residents have access to free public health, as most of the...
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immigration process in Australia
Cuando vayas a iniciar tu proceso migratorio en Australia es importante que te asesores de un experto en el área de las leyes migratorias para evitar contratiempos, ya que este es un proceso legal complejo. Las leyes australianas de migración pueden ser complejas, ya que están en constante cambio. Además, el proceso para obtener la visa puede ser agotador para las personas que deciden solicitar su visa sin asesoramiento de un experto.
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requirements to migrate to Australia
You can fulfil your dream of migrating to Australia taking into account the studies and work experience that you have obtained in your country. You can also qualify for a student visa if you want to do an academic program. Below, requirements to migrate to Australia. If you have qualifications and work experience relevant to an in-demand occupation in Australia, you can do a 12-month study there, and then apply...
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