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visa independiente calificada
If you are thinking of applying for the skilled independent visa, you must know that it is an application that can be made only by invited workers or New Zealand citizens. So if you want to know how to get the Australian skilled independent visa, we invite you to take note of the following recommendations....
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Australian Partner visa
If you have a partner and are planning to travel to Australia to change your lives, study, work or do what you are most passionate about, this is the perfect visa for you. And if you wonder what documents do you need for an Australian Partner visa? Below we will let you know how to...
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solicitar la ciudadanía en Australia
For everyone who wants to know how long an apply for citizenship in Australia takes, we recommend that you continue reading this article and take note of what the Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department requires. Wanting to be part of the Australian community is an act of will, but also ongoing responsibility and commitment to...
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Does Australia offer dual citizenship
Since 2003, Australia offer dual citizenship, that is, you can have citizenship of Australia and of another country that allows it. Similarly, Australia is one of the countries that allows you to have dual citizenship and more, but as long as you meet the requirements of the country in which you apply. Next, we will...
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live in Australia
To know if you can live in Australia without citizenship, it is necessary to be clear about the purpose of your travel and how long you want to stay since depending on this, it is recommended to have the corresponding visa. One of the requirements to live in Australia is to have the appropriate visa,...
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doble ciudadanía en Australia
If Australia is one of your favourite countries, and you want to know how to get dual citizenship in Australia, this article is best suited for you to know how to do the process and find out if your native country allows you to do it. Why does my nationality matter to obtain dual citizenship...
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For clarity on the process of applying for a permanent residence in Australia and continue enjoying all its landscapes, lifestyle, culture, people and excellent salaries, we invite you to take note of the following tips, so you can get it as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that there are all kinds of visas to...
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To get a permanent residence in Australia and achieve your Australian dream. We recommend first, to have a lot of perseverance, patience and of course, positivism so that you can gradually fulfil all the goals you set in this great country. Indeed, it is not an easy path, but it is not impossible either. So...
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how to react to an emergency.
If you’ve already decided to start a new experience in Australia, it’s important to learn how to react to an emergency. You should know which numbers to call if you require police, fire, or ambulance assistance. The main emergency line in Australia is (000), which addresses critical situations requiring immediate assistance. If this is not...
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driving in Australia
If you are planning to drive in Australia when you fulfil your dream of living in this amazing country, these tips will help you when you are in front of the wheel. Driving in Australia has a great particularity, as the vehicles have the steering wheel on the right, so you drive on the left....
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