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How can I check if my immigration agent is registered?

If you are thinking of migrating to Australia, it is important that before beginning any immigration process, you carry out a search for the agent that will take your case and, of course, their registration number with the Government.

The Migration legislation of 1958 states that any individual, who is not registered as a Migration Agent in Australia, will not be able to offer migration services as it is against the law.

The official website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection stipulates that the use of the services of an unregistered agent generally results in obtaining erroneous information, so you would not have the protection of your personal data.

How do I know if my immigration agent is registered?

The Australian Government created M.A.R.A. (Migrations Agents Registration Authority), an online office where you can check whether an immigration agent is officially registered and if they have complaints from past clients. This is valuable information to quickly know if an agent is legal and if they give you the confidence to carry out your case.

All immigration agents must be registered under the department assigned by the Government ( and they must have a unique number named MARN.

Entering the M.A.R.A page, you just have to enter the registration number, which you can previously request from your immigration agent who should give it to you without any problem. This way you will know if they are actively registered.

By using the services of a qualified and highly experienced agent in the field of migration, you can have the results you expect regarding your visa application.

Likewise, it is important that you know that the final decision is exclusive to the Officer in charge of your case. However, by submitting a complete application with all the requirements, you will have a greater chance of achieving a positive result.

Start your immigration process on the right foot, let the experts guide you and avoid making mistakes or wasting time and money. For your safety and confidence, research the trajectory of your immigration agent, so you will only focus on fulfilling your dreams of living and working in Australia.

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