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Australia is considered one of the greatest countries to live, study and work, as it offers an excellent quality of life for those who decide to migrate. It’s a booming society with a solid economy and a calm and safe environment with low crime rates. These are the advantages of migrating to Australia.

Health Service

Australian citizens and permanent residents have access to free public health, as most of the national health system is organised by Medicare, a government health entity that is mainly funded by tax contributions.

In addition, its health system is one of the most influential in innovation and research worldwide.

Social Security

In Australia, there is a social safety net that provides financial support and other types of assistance to those in need. Something to highlight is that the Government provides aid to the elderly, disabled, sick, unemployed and families with children.


The Australian Government has a free and mandatory educational system for all students up to the age of 15. Schooling rates at the primary and secondary levels are among the highest in the world.

College entrance is competitive and based on academic performance. The vast majority of universities are state-owned and there are only a few private universities.

Australia is a country of opportunities for all who wish to continue their academic training at a high level. For this reason, every year thousands of students and professionals from different parts of the world travel to Australia to improve their English or continue growing in their careers with top-quality university training. It’s an experience that will surely make your CV more attractive!

Excellent wages

Australia offers one of the highest living standards in the world because its strong and prosperous economy allows having the highest minimum wage. The minimum hourly wage in unskilled jobs is $18.93 Australian dollars, equivalent to $719.20 per week (38 hours) before taxes.


Australia is one of the safest countries with one of the lowest murder rates in the world. Possession of firearms is strictly prohibited and heavily penalised.

Australian citizens enjoy a rule of law that allows them to make decisions with complete freedom and respect.

During the times of COVID-19

Australia is among the safest countries to experience the COVID-19 crisis, according to an international ranking, organised by Deep Knowledge Group, Australia is the fourth safest country in the world to experience the pandemic.

The Australian Government has deployed a series of aid to all its inhabitants in order to meet their basic needs during COVID-19. Social distancing has had good results, to the point of managing to flatten the contagion curve. For this reason, the Government has implemented a three-step plan to alleviate some restrictions, in order to protect the health of the people while certain sectors are reactivated.

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